As quick weight loss specialists, we have a variety of weight loss options for you to choose from.  We will get you to your goals and you will discover ‘A New You’.  What makes us different?  Well that’s easy.  Our attitude, our passion and our people. We really love what we do and it shows.  We hope you enjoy the process.

Dr. Rudy Eberwein

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When Paulette is not traveling the world, she is the friendly smile that is there to offer assistance with any odds and ends that need to be taken care of.  She has been working at our medical weight loss office in Miami for the past 8 years.  Paulette has been living in Miami for the past 20 years and assists her family’s clients with their hCG weight loss diets and other personalized weight loss programs.  Paulette was born in Jamaica and is the mother of 3, including Dr. Keisha, and grandmother of 6.

The pleasant Jamaican accent that greets you when you call to make your appointment.  Joan was born in Jamaica and is the mother of 4 boys and 1 grandson.  She has been working with us in Miami at  A New You Weight Loss for over 5 years and has been assisting our patients with their hCG diets and medical weight loss needs.  She is always willing to help out and make your experience at A New You an enjoyable one.

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The friendly face that accompanies you for your weigh-in. Marilyn was born in Jamaica and is the mother 3 children, and grandmother of 7 grandchildren. Marilyn is always there to hold your hand during your weigh-ins and to offer a word of encouragement and help you along your journey to A New You.  She has lived in Miami for over 20 years and has been dealing with hCG weight loss patients and weight loss supplements regularly during her tenure with our medical office.

The beautiful young lady that keeps us up to date with data entry and government compliance. Niska was born in Haiti and is a Full time student at FIU Miami. Unfortunately, Niska will not be with us for much longer, she is following in the footsteps of her Uncle, Dr. Rudolph Eberwein and has plans to become a doctor. Niska will graduate from FIU in 2019, perhaps she will become a medical weight loss and hcg diet specialist as well!

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