Aesthetic Services


At A New You Wellness we don’t just help you get the weight off, we help you uncover the body you’ve always wanted. Oftentimes after a patient loses a significant percentage of their body weight, they discover new problems that keep them from looking and feeling their best. These include excess or loose skin, new wrinkles or stretch marks. We can help you manage all of the newfound issues that occur after weightloss. Our services include botox, filler, and more aesthetics treatments.


The most well-known and popular dermal filler treatment, Botox®, has established its excellent reputation through years of use, and many patients swear by it.

Anyone seeking a more youthful appearance may be a good candidate for Botox® treatment. Research has found this is an excellent preventative treatment for younger skin to ward off wrinkles as you age. It is also an appropriate treatment for mature skin that has lost its elasticity and firmness. If you are unhappy with the presence of wrinkles, creases, and fine lines, Botox® may be your solution.


JUVÉDERM® is an FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler. Among anti-wrinkle products, JUVÉDERM® is an exciting product as it appears more effective and durable than some other fillers. Good candidates for treatment with JUVÉDERM® fillers are patients who want to reduce the appearance of facial lines or enlarge their lips.

Your body produces hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound responsible for delivering and maintaining moisture and nutritional levels within the skin, creating fullness and suppleness in youthful skin. Unfortunately, the skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid itself decreases over time. JUVÉDERM® is a smooth gel made of  hyaluronic acid particles. Injected into fine lines, wrinkles, furrows, or sunken areas of the face, JUVÉDERM® replenishes hyaluronic acid absorbed by the body over time and helps you combat the appearance of aging. 


Dysport, like Botox, is a cosmetic product injected with botulinum toxin type A. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles by interfering with the signals the brain sends to the muscles to tell them to contract. By turning off these signals, muscles become smoother. Wrinkles are reduced and even eliminated.

Dysport is FDA-approved to treat the appearance of glabellar lines, which form between the eyebrows when you nod or squint. As you age and your skin loses elasticity, these lines and wrinkles persist even when your face is resting.


Stimulate collagen production and refine skin’s appearance for a more youthful appearance with Inmode’s Morpheus8. Morpheus8 uses the latest technology to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin to create smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. Many body areas can benefit from this treatment, including the eyes, face, neck, abdomen, back, and legs. The process is minimally invasive, and results are visible within days, with the best results seen a few weeks after treatment. Minimal recovery time means patients can return to normal activities soon after treatment.


Lumecca uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to rejuvenate the skin. Manufactured by InMode, it targets age spots, sun damage, pigmentation disorders (vessel damage, port-wine stains, spider veins, freckles), and rosacea. The most common treatment areas are the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. Most people see an improved complexion after the first session, and the manufacturer’s research shows that the best results are achieved after just two treatments.

The heat from the device also stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, making pores appear smaller, and skin appear firmer and smoother. The number of treatments required depends on the severity of your skin damage, but most patients require two treatments to achieve optimal results.


Emsculpt Neo® is a revolutionary new body transformation treatment that simultaneously builds muscle, burns fat, and sculpts the body. Emsculpt Neo® uses radio waves (RF) in combination with a thermal technology called HIFEM® in an electrode device exclusive to Emsculpt Neo. Emsculpt Neo® trims away fat cells while increasing muscle mass for visible workout results in stubborn and unruly areas of the body.

This treatment is ideal for patients who want to improve the abdominal area suffering from diastasis recti or skin sagging after pregnancy. After just one treatment, the non-invasive technique helps tone and strengthen the muscles to ensure the future development of a tighter and firmer abdomen.


Are you tired of constantly feeling like you have to go? BTL EMSELLA™ is a revolutionary treatment for incontinence and self-esteem. This technology revolutionizes personal health and wellness by offering patients with urinary incontinence a non-invasive alternative. BTL EMSELLA™ uses electromagnetic energy to induce thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single session. These contractions retrain and strengthen the muscles of patients with urinary incontinence. BTL EMSELLA™ is an excellent option for women or men of any age who want a solution to urinary incontinence and to improve their quality of life. A typical treatment lasts around 30 minutes, with most patients requiring about six sessions over three weeks. You can start to see an improvement after one session. 


Are you tired of shaving, waxing, plucking, bleaching,  and worrying about unsightly hair? The InMode Laser DiolazeXL treatment is a hair removal solution that can replace traditional hair removal methods. This advanced laser hair removal method removes unwanted hair safely, quickly, efficiently, and virtually no pain.

InMode Laser DiolazeXL treatments use a diode laser that penetrates the skin to reach the hair follicles. The penetrating energy heats the hair root and prevents future hair growth. The process is almost painless as the laser has a built-in cooling system to counteract the heat from the laser.

Treatment methods largely depend on the patient’s individual characteristics. Our specialists will examine the patient to determine the best InMode Laser DiolazeXL plan for her specific needs.


Non-invasive LED-based light therapy is a highly requested treatment sought after by patients because of the nature of the results. Contour Light is FDA approved for multiple uses, including body contouring, arthritis, muscle issues, and circulatory stimulation. LED light has been shown to promote a natural response within cells, depending on the wavelength of light energy used and the type of cell it reaches.

The recommended treatment regimen of Contour Light consists of 10 consecutive treatments given every other day or every three days. Most patients see a noticeable improvement in the first 2-3 treatments, some immediately after the first.


Are you tired of getting on a scale and not seeing any progress, despite putting lots of time and effort into your body transformation? Regular scales don’t always show the results. Styku measures your body composition so you can truly see your transformation. 

Styku is a state-of-the-art 3D scanner that uses harmless infrared to capture your body composition in space. With Styka, we can monitor % lean mass, % body fat, % bone mass, and much more. Use Styka to determine BMR, calorie needs, realistic goal setting, risk analysis, and progress!